Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 17--Heading Home

We woke up this morning and it wasn't raining! Of course, everything is still wet. I think the tent weighs another few pounds. We polish off the last of our breakfast food, rinse out the dishes and get on the road by 8:15. It is a little chilly, but not too bad. The raingear is stowed, but not too far down (just in case).
We pull into Eatonville at about 10:15 (24 miles). We decide it's not too early for lunch and have lunch at Subway (believe it or not, it's our first Subway lunch of the trip). I call Julie so she can ride to Yelm and meet us. She is going to ride the rest of the way home with us. Kyle is hoping she'll carry some of his panniers (fortunately she doesn't). We get to Yelm and meet Julie at about 1:30. We take the road home (as opposed to the trail which is longer). Julie is leading and she is riding like crazy. I can barely keep up! I tell her she can slow down abit. She says she will have to write this down--I asked HER to SLOW DOWN--that's a first! Anyway, we are cruising along and I look down at my rear tire and notice it is a little low. We pull off and I pump it up. Off we go again. We get to within about 3 miles of home and I need to pump up the tire again. At this point, I refuse to change the tube. We are too close to home! We make it home and before long Stella's tire is completely flat! So, I guess I'll have to change it...tomorrow!

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