Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 11--Kicked back and relaxed!

Ahhh yes, Day 11, the rest day! I'm sitting in my Trekker Chair in the dappled shade looking out over the lake. Went for a little walk on Little Bear's Trail (did not see the so called "Little Bear". The only disappointment for the day is that the park store is not going to be open. That means we do not get to try one of the 26 flavored of soft serve ice cream they sell. Bummer!! We were also going to buy our lunch there. Instead we had PB & J on Blueberry bread again. It really was probably better than anything the park store would have to offer (except the ice cream, of course).
It is nice not riding for a day. I'm sure we will be rejuvinated and ready to ride tomorrow.
Well, that's all from Lake Chelan!

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