Saturday, June 6, 2009

Day 12--Wind Wind Wind!!!

Even thpugh today was not a very long day miles wise, the headwind was very strong. I think if I had stopped pedaling I would have gone backwards! At one point, Kyle says, "I don't think drafting makes that much of a difference." So I made him lead for awhile. Let's just say he didn't lead for very long! We also found ourselves on the course for the Apple Century. So we had company on the road. One guy was going pretty slow. Even we passed him! I noticed he stayed behind Kyle for awhile, but then he fell behind. We were on their route all the way from Entiat to the park. Speaking of Entiat, we came upon a fabulous bakery/ coffee shop in Entiat. It was the Entiat Valley Pastry and Coffee Shop. Of course we stopped! I had a triple berry white chocolate scone and a lemon fizz (ice cream, fresh squeezed lemon and a bit of Sprite). It was all very good. It definately made up for not getting to have one of the 26 flavors of soft serve at Lake Chelan!
We pulled into Wenatchee Confluence State Park at noon. Since the park office didn't open until 3:30, we decided to go find a grocery store and resupply. We also had lunch at Arby's. I had the pecan chicken sandwich. I don't know why I had chicken since mostly what we have had in the way of meat has been chicken (the canned variety). As I was eating it I thought, I coulda had something BEEF! On well, it was am okay sandwich.
I am glad to be dome riding against the wind for the day. Hopefully as we turn to head over Blewett Pass tomorrow the wind will be kind. We will be stopping at a bakery in Cashmere and meeting some of the ladies from the Ponderosa. We picked up extra water to go over Blewett although I doubt we will need it. Don't want a repeat of Washington Pass...

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