Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day 9--Half way!

So here we are at the lovely Carlton RV Park. Actually, it's not bad. Hot showers that are free and laundry that isn't too expensive. We have a spot in the shade and are being visited frequently by a cat. It seems to be the only wildlife of this place.
Today's ride was considerably easier than yesterday. It was mostly downhill. There was an annoying headwind, but not a bad day. We restocked in Twisp and also ate there. It is very warm probably upper 80s. Getting in so early (2:30) is giving my solar charger lots of time to charge up. I washed my hair in the shower and it was almost dry before I could comb it out!
Today as we were riding between Mazama and Winthrop, we came upon a flagger who said we weren't allowed to ride through the construction (oil and gravelling). We had to take a ride, one at a time, in the pilot truck with our bikes in the back. It saved us about a mile of riding on the gravel. We had already done several miles on it so we were happy to take the ride.
Tomorrow we will get to Lake Chelan where we willspend am extra day laying around resting in the sun. Ahhhh, the good life!


Amy said...

Enjoy your rest! You soo deserve it!

Jan1953 said...

Wow, Colleen, sounds like you could use a swimming pool about now! I'm enjoying your blog, and travelling with you in spirit. Take care! Jan Britt