Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 15--Tailwinds & Tummy Aches

Here we are stealth camping at Lodgepole Campground. The place is closed, nut we are staying here anyway. Another night of free camping! Of course there is no water with this one. Fortunately, we have plenty of water and we boiled a pot too. We'll let it sit out overnight to cool down. Then, in the morning we will fill our water bottles and use the rest for breakfast.
Today's ride was 59 miles (shorter due to the change in hotel plans). We had a wonderful tailwind the entire day! I'll tell you; it sure makes a difference when you are climbing. Much of the time I was climbing going 12 to 13 mph!
When we got to a grocery store on Hwy 410, I bought Kyle and I each a bottle of Gatorade. I drank a bit of mine, but I was already starting to not feel good. My feet were itching, as were my hands and armpits. Well, I know these symptoms and I know what is coming. I quickly took a Zantac and Benedryl. I visited the restroom a couple of times. However, I never threw up. Kyle and I decided it was probably the yogurt at the hotel. His stomach didn't feel so great either but he didn't have the allergic response like I did. Anyway, we were sitting outside the store at a picnic table. After awhile, I told Kyle that we were just going to go. I figured whatever it was would pass through my system faster if I was riding. About 45 minutes later, I was feeling pretty good again (and I didn't fall asleep from the Benedryl!
So, that's about it for today. Oh yeah, it started raining about 45 miles into the ride. This time we did not hesitate to put our raingear on. It is still raining, but we are snug and dry in the tent!

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