Friday, May 29, 2009

Days 3 & 4 Boats & Bridges

I had no network service yesterday so couldn't post. Yesterday we started out taking the water shuttle across Hood Canal from the Lofall Dock to the Southpoint Dock. It couldn't have been any easier! We wheeled our bikes onto the boat through one door, then wheeled them off out the other door. Didn't even have to turn them around! The crossing took about 15 minutes. We met a gal named Suzie who took our picture and even went up on deck with each of us separately and took our pictures! Nice gal! When we got off the shuttle, I asked the dock guy if we could take Teal Lake Rd to get to Oak Bay Rd to head to Port Townshend. He said "Oh no, you don't want that road! Go down toward the bridge and take a left on Paradise Bay Rd." Well, I was really hoping to avoid that, so when we got up to the Hwy, we stopped at the fire station. I asked the firefighters standing outside if they were familiar with the area (I know, stupid question--of course they are familiar with the area--they're FIREFIGHTERS!!!) They said we could take Teal Lake Rd and that it would take us right to Paradise Bay Rd, close to Oak Bay Rd. Now, in all fairness to Boat Dock Guy, the ride up Teal Lake Rd was very steep. Perhaps he was trying to spare us the climb? Anyway, we made it up to Teal Lake and down the other side where I hit my maximum speed for the trip of 38.6 mph!
We made it to PT where we got to go on the William Scott Memorial Trail all the way to the ferry dock. Some of it was paved, but most was packed dirt/gravel. Oh yeah, we also saw a bobcat crossing Teal Lake Rd.
We got to the ferry dock about 30 minutes before the ferry. When we got over to Whidbey, we still had a ways to go to the park. Kyle kept thinking we should be there already. We did finally reach Ft. Ebey State Park. It is a nice park except the showers were quite the hike from our hiker/biker campsite. In fact, our campsite was so far from everything that it was like there wasn't a campground! We have noticed that the parks all seem to put the best restrooms by the RV sites. Don't they have those facilities in their RVs?
The sunset was beautiful to watch looking out toward Vancouver Island.

So, today we got going earlier on our way from Ft. Ebey to Washington Park in Anacortes. The sun was shining from the start and I was down to just shorts and jersey before we crossed Deception Pass. As for going over Deception Pass Bridge, Kyle did just fine. We are now finishing up laundry and showers. This is a nice park with the restrooms close by (a treat for sure!). Kyle did a "Julie" (Julie knows what that means!) and lost his gloves. We found the bike shop in Anacortes and replaced them.
Tomorrow we take the ferry to Lopez. The weather looks promising.


Amy said...

Okay, but how is the FOOD!!!!????
And I think Washington saved it's best weather for you!!

Julie Voorhees said...

great to hear from you. And I haven't had to buy anything yet. Other than sunglasses and that was early is my riding career. You guys are having the best weather. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it holds out