Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 5 Desserts Aplenty

We started day 5 with the sounds of the ferry boats. It was like a giant alarm clock with a snooze button that went off again just after we would drift back to sleep. We got up and were off to the ferry by 7:45. We only had a couple of pop tarts and bananas for breakfast. We planned today a more substantial breakfast on the ferry. As we were waiting in the bicycle line, we met 4 people who were also going to Lopez today. They were Marijan, her husband, Frank, Ron and Don. They were all retired and drove from Bellingham to ride around Lopez and camp overnight (just like us only we didn't drive). Marijan, Frank and Ron had all done this before. This was Don's first experiance with bike camping.
We enjoyed a nice hot breakfast on the ferry. There were lots of cyclists (many eating breakfast just like we were). The bikes were stacked about 5 deep on the car deck. They weren't tied up just leaning against each other. They did just fine.
After we disembarked from the ferry we headed off for our circumnavigation of the island. There was pretty much no flat land. As Ron said, these islands are pretty bumpy. Marijan and company went to the park first and dropped off their stuff (not a bad idea except we've gotten so used to riding loaded that it would feel a little squirrly to ride with everything off).
As we turned onto Shark Reef Rd., along came Marijan, Ron and Don. Ron said Shark Reef was a pretty place so we stopped and hikes out to the water with them. They ate their lunches. We ate Cheesecake Brownies. After awhile we came back to the bikes and Kule and I continued on our route and they continued on theirs. After a few more miles, we got to Lopez Village where we stopped at Holly B's for dessert from our dessert lunch. I had a berry crumble. Kyle had another brownie. We bought a couple of raspberry brioche to take with us. We took off only to stop a few yards later when we spied a fudge shop. We bought 1 1/2 lbs. of fudge (six different flavors). Actually we only bought 1 lb. The other 1/2 lb. was free! As we came out of the fudge shop we ran into Marijan and Ron (no Don). They, too, were getting some fudge.
We made it to the park shortly after where we saw Don. He had lost the others. We told him they were getting fudge. We chose site 25 without looking at it. It is very nice sitting up above the water with a view of Shaw Is. and the ferries passing by. For one of our shortest mileage days (32), we took a long time to do it but, that's what bike touring is all about! Taking your time, seeing the sights, eating good food (desserts anyway) and meeting new people!
Tomorrow we are back on the ferry and heading away from the water to Sedro Woolley. Thus ends our marine portion of our trip. We will still have the fudge for awhile though.

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Amy said...

Haha! I love the desserts!!