Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 Cities, 7 Towns, 1 Day

I really wanted to take advantage of the great weather today, but I couldn't decide where to go. So, I kind of went everywhere! I even did a couple of new roads! Of course, I started with Lacey (city #1). I rode through part of Olympia (city #2) and Tumwater (city #3). As I was riding down Case Rd., I noticed 140th St. It looked like a good road, so I U-turned and headed down (well, up for a little bit) 140th. It took a turn north and became Erskine. I backtracked to 133rd. Then over to Littlerock Rd. (I thought that's where I might end up). 133rd came in at the southern end of Littlerock (town #1). I headed south away from Littlerock down Littlerock Rd. I followed that to Rochester (town #2). Straight through Rochester along Albany which branches off to become James. I eventually came out to Hwy 99 at Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound (town #3). I then headed into Centralia (town #4--although some might argue it is a city) for lunch at Subway.

After lunch, I went up Hwy 507 with a detour up Zenkner Valley Rd. past Bucoda (town #5) and into Tenino (town #6). I picked up the trail and rode to Rainier (town #7) to Main Street Cookie Company. I figured at 59 miles with about 12 to go, I could have a couple of cookies. After the cookie break, I took the road back to Lacey.

Total miles: 71
Total calorie burn: 2,611
Total calories eaten: ummmm...less than what I burned!

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