Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 2 of the Shakedown...Deja Vu

We woke this morning to rain. Not too heavy, just enough to make the tent rainflys wet. We, again, took our time getting moving. We watched the huge dump trucks going up and down the hillside next to the park. Apparently, they are going to build a subdivision there (it is tribal land-- the casino must be doing well!).

We got everything packed up and were on the road by 10:15. Just a couple miles down the road, it started to rain more so we stopped and donned our rain pants. When we got into Shelton, it had stopped raining, so we took our rain pants off. We stopped at the minimart near the Little Creek Casino to use the restroom. It started raining more so we put our rain pants on again. We decided to go 106 to Hurley Waldrip Rd. to avoid the spray from the traffic on 101.

It pretty much rained all the rest of the way home...just like last year's Shakedown Ride (even on much of the same roads).

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