Monday, May 9, 2011

The Noisy Ride Redux

After having been off the bike for a few days, it was great to get a longer ride in. Julie and I headed up to Dupont. After a snack break at Starbucks, I gave Julie the choice of going to Steilacoom and riding along the water to Chambers Creek Canyon, or going to North Gate Rd. and going through Interlaken and across Lake Steilacoom. Julie chose Chambers Creek. So, off we went. It was overcast, but the sun was trying to break through, so the temp was not bad. Julie survived going up Chambers Creek Canyon (it is a pretty long hill). We worked our way over to Bridgeport Way and headed back to Lakewood. I knew of two Subways along the way. We decided to eat at the one I hadn't eaten at (check yet another Subway off the list! Seriously, I need to get a map and put pushpins in all the places I've eaten at Subway restaurants). Then it was on to my favorite high traffic road, Gravelly Lake Drive, where bikes are allowed to use the whole lane. We got on the freeway at the Gravelly Lake exit and proceeded to hop on and off the freeway to Mounts Rd. Then it was back the way we had come.

Total miles: 58.7
Total calories burned: 2,226
Total days until I leave on my big trip: 23!

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