Sunday, May 1, 2011

Even the Ants Are Out!

It's hard to see in the photo, but this ant hill (that is, apparently, For Sale!) was a very busy place today.

Julie and I planned to ride the Littlerock Rd./Maytown Rd. loop. For me, it's 32 miles. When we got to Littlerock (the town), we realized we were making pretty good time. Since the weather was gorgeous we wanted to keep going. We continued down Littlerock Rd. to Rochester. As we turned onto US 12 another cyclist was stopped on the side of the road. He had rear panniers. He asked if I-5 and Old 99 was east. We told him it was 5 miles east. I noticed he had ACA's Pacific Coast Route map in a pocket of his handlebar bag. Of course, I had to ask where he was headed! He was currently headed from Port Angeles to Portland (home). Then he was going to continue down the coast to San Diego. I told him I had done that route last summer. I also told him he would love it. He had to be to San Diego by June 7th. I told him I had done it in 33 days. He said he was 75 years old (he did NOT appear to be 75!). I told him I still thought he could do it. We said good luck and continued on. We worked our way to Tilley Rd. This ant hill was at the intersection of Tilley and 163rd.

I had to be home by 2:15. I rolled in at 2:13!

Total miles: 47
Calories burned: 2,226

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