Friday, May 20, 2011

The Adventure Continues...Post #2

This could also be titled "The Nostalgia Ride".

From the train station in Vancouver, Stella and I headed along 8th St. in downtown Vancouver. I was hungry and on the lookout for a Subway. Sure enough, not a half mile from the train station, directly across from Esther Short Park was a Subway! I ordered my lunch and sat at an outdoor table with a nice view of the park. After lunch, I rode up Main St. past the Kiggins Theater where I used to go to Disney movies when I was a little kid. I was planning on riding all the way to 39th then going over to Leverich Park and picking up the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. Instead, I turned on Mill Plain and rode over by my high school alma mater, Hudson's Bay. I took a photo, then proceeded up Reserve St. to McGloughlin Blvd. and Clark College (where I went to school for one year before transferring to Eastern Washington University). Took a photo there, then rode back under the freeway to F St. where THEN I headed up to 39th (in a somewhat convoluted way). I got to Leverich Park and the Burnt Bridge Creek Trail. In the park, it was kind of confusing as to which direction to go (there was a fork in the trail and the signage was not clear--something I was to experience a lot in these two days!). I asked a guy who was walking by and he told me how to go to get to St. John's Rd. which was where I wanted to go. I followed his directions and made it to St. John's. From there it was very familiar territory. I rode up St. John's which is something I haven't done on a bike since I was a kid. The photo above of the road going up the hill is St. John's. It seemed much easier on Stella than I remember!

The last photo is of the street my dad lives on (53rd St.) and the house where I grew up (from the time I was 4 years old). I parked Stella in the basement. 

I'm not sure of the total miles for the day because Stella's computer was not working for part of the time (hate it when it does that and I don't notice). It was probably in the neighborhood of 7 or so miles. Not too far distance-wise, but very far back in time!

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