Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to the Grind

Although, I have to admit, my grind is considerably less than many. It's not like I have to go back to a job.

Since my return from New Zealand, I have cleaned and put away all my gear. I fixed and adjusted a few things on Betsy (some related to flying in a bag and some due to having ridden about 1700 km). I haven't even begun to sort through all my photos!

By back to the grind, I mean I'm back to doing my usual stuff. As for workouts, I'm back to strength training. I discovered that cycling truly does not work the abs. When I did my first ab workout, my abs were pretty sore the next day. Upper body seems to have maintained okay. At least I wasn't sore after that portion of the workout.

My riding has been running errands. Today I went to Costco. That is pretty close to the feeling of touring; hauling all the Costco stuff home in "Mr. Ives" (the trailer). I'm back to working on my resolution to drive less than 5000 miles this year. Thanks to 5 weeks of no driving, I am ahead on that goal by about 400 miles!

Next up in June/July is a two week tour around the Olympic Penninsula with my friends Christian and Carol. Shortly after that I'll be doing STP in one day again (last did it in '09). That's what my training is focused on now.

I miss the warmer temps of New Zealand. However, I'm looking forward to getting a second summer! I have a greater appreciation for those "Snowbirds" who head south to Arizona in the winter!

The clouds are breaking up and giving way to some sunshine. Now it's time for a ride on the road bike!

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