Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Rest of the Day (to Richmond)

I finished up at Starbucks and headed on to Richmond and another Top 10 Holiday Park.

I picked up another great cycle path. This took me all the way to Richmond. There were two options. The coastal route or the railway route. I chose the coastal route. Really, it wasn't all that scenic due to the fact that the tide was out. So it was just views of tide flats. Still, it was better than Highway 6--quite the thoroughfare between Nelson and Richmond.

As an aside, I've noticed since I got to the South Island that the place names are less Maori and more English. There are still Maori names, but not as much as the North Island. It does make one look less like a fool trying to pronounce the names.

Anyway, I made it to the Holiday Park. For only the second time, I have had to pay $20 for a tent site. I look forward to getting into more of the DOC (Dept. of Conservation) campgrounds. They are very nice for half the money. The government seems to pour quite abit of money into the DOC campgrounds. The Holiday Parks are privately owned so the conditions vary. This one in Richmond is pretty nice and comes with 1 hour of free wifi (that's a first!).

I have decided to go through St. Arnaud tomorrow toward Murchison. It will be a few more km, but flatter. I'll have plenty of hills to climb once I get to the west coast.

My tent is finally dry, but as I look to whatever direction it is, I see black clouds on the move. Oh well, I wouldn't want to get too used to nice weather...

Here's a few more photos...

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