Monday, March 19, 2012

Weather Karma

I just wanted to do a short post to comment once again on the amazing "Weather Karma" I have.

On today's Dart River Safari, Meg (from New Jersey), one of the people also in the tour, told me about her "Weather Karma". I decided that is what I have too. For Fox Glacier, the weather was perfect for my Heli-Hike (even though it had rained heavily and was overcast the days before and after). Yesterday, it also rained and was overcast. Today? Beautiful! Whenever I have really needed the weather to cooperate, it has miraculously done so! When Leandra and I did Waitomo Caves, it was pouring down rain when we went in. When we came out? Sunshine! All our wet stuff managed to dry on our ride that day.

Yep, it's Weather Karma!

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