Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day O' Downhill!

Today was almost entirely downhill! I was planning on going to Murchison, but I got there at 11:30. I picked up just enough food for tonight's dinner at the Four Square (a small, expensive grocery store). Tomorrow when I get to Westport I get more food.

I rode through about half of the Buller Gorge. Crossed the Buller River several times.

I decided to combine today and tomorrow do I could break up a later longer day into two. However, we'll see if that will work because I have the Heli-Hike at Fox Glacier booked for a specific day. Perhaps in Westport or Greymouth I will see if I can change the booking to a day earlier.

I didn't exactly make it to the place I had planned, but close enough. I'm at another DOC called Lyell. It's an old Gold Fossicking (aka Panning) place. Tonight I am truly camping. No showers, only vault toilets and, of course, no kitchen. There are, however, plenty of sand flies. Even though I have the head net on and long pants and long sleeve shirt, they are still annoying. Earlier today I stopped to eat some lunch at a picnic place along the road. I brought out my little friend Ben and sprayed my legs and hands. Although the sand flies weren't biting, they were still hovering around me in great clouds! I ate fast.

Due to so much downhill, I did 109 Betsy km by 2:30. I probably could have made it all the way to Berlins (my original plan this morning). This place is cheaper though.

I just looked up from typing this and there is a rooster about 50 feet away. He's just pecking around in the grass. He should come over to my picnic table because there is a whole bunch of corn someone left.

Here's a few photos from today.

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