Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Spectacular Day for a Bike Ride!

Or...What is that color in the sky?

Finally! Blue sky for a whole day! It's been awhile since the raingear has been stowed away for a whole day with no threat of pulling it out. After the no good, horrible storm night, the sun is a welcome sight!

I didn't get the earliest start this morning, but I enjoyed the extra sleep. I saw Bronwen and Jeffrey in the kitchen again this morning. They gave me their left over yogurt. They were just going to toss it and asked if I would like it. You bet I would!

I also met a family I had seen last night but hadn't talked to. They have two cute little boys--Felix, almost 3 and Edward, 4. They are from the UK. They were in a campervan and also headed to Nelson today (where I am currently, sitting in a Starbucks).

Today's ride did a couple of good climbs. The first was up to Rai Saddle. It wasn't too bad since it was still a little chilly (even with the sun). The downhill was long and great. The second climb was up Mt. Duppa. It was a little longer, but not too bad. The downhill from this climb was great with winding turns all the way down. I love it when I can keep up with the cars!

At the bottom was a tiny town called Hira. I was looking for a place to pull off for some lunch. Didn't find it in Hira, but just a ways down the road I saw a suitable place. I pulled off and a woman came up in her car and asked if I was okay. I told her I was just going to eat some lunch. She said if I went around to the back, there were tables on a patio and a toilet as well. Perfect!!! I had some fruit bread with peanutbutter and nutella and an apple. Then I was back on the road coming around the Tasman Bay to Nelson. I picked up a great little bike path that brought me into the City Center. I stopped at the iSite and picked up a map, then came here to Starbucks.

Due to not making it to Nelson yesterday, I think I'm going to skip Motueka and head toward Murchison. Tonight I will stay in the Richmond Top 10 Holiday Park. Tomorrow I think I will go toward Murchison via St. Arnaud. That is he route that Bronwen said is less hilly than going over the mountains.

Here are some photos from today's beautiful day.

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