Sunday, November 11, 2012

Number 3 in about 35,000

Third crash in about 35,000 miles of riding. Those odds aren't too bad if you ask me.

Today's group ride started out good. It was raining, but not too hard and it was warmer than the past couple of mornings. We headed over toward Delphi on Sapp Rd. One guy got a flat, but we were close to his house so he just rode home and got a new wheel. That gave me time to get to the top of the Sapp hill without getting behind. Then I got behind on the hill up 62nd to Delphi, but Sergio got a flat so I was able to catch up.

We took off again. As we were approaching Alpine Dr, a lady looked like she was going to pull out in front of us. The lead guy (Tim) braked quickly. Manek tried to stop, but hit Tim, and I braked and tried to swerve to the right of Manek, but Manek was also swerving right, and I hit Manek. Both him and I went down. I got up pretty quickly, but Manek did not. 911 was called (and came really quickly!). By the time the EMTs got there, Manek was sitting up. They put him on the stretcher to take him over to the rig to check I'm out. He, fortunately, seemed to be okay, except, maybe his elbow.

I picked up my bike to get it out of the road. Unfortunately, the front wheel wouldn't roll. Diagnosis was a broken spoke and a severely out of true wheel. Even with the front brake open, the wheel wouldn't roll freely. I made a couple of phone calls, but no one was available. The friendly firefighters said they would arrange to take me and my bike home. Manek's wife picked him up.

Once Manek was taken care of, and I filled out an accident report for the sheriff, the EMTs loaded my bike in the back of the rig and they drove me home. Turns out the young EMT (or fire fighter) who rode in the back with me went to school with my son Dillon.

As for my body, my left knee and lower leg are scraped a bit and I have a whopper bruise. My right leg also has a lovely bruise as well has my left shoulder--nothing a little ice and ibuprofen won't cure. As soon as I get my wheel fixed, I'll be back on the road.

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Trevor said...

Sorry to hear about the crash but pleased that it wasn't more serious....As you say not a bad average over 35,000 miles..