Sunday, November 25, 2012

Ridin' With the GGGs...

Or...O' Christmas Trees, O' Christmas Trees, You Really Are So Plentiful!

Today was an out-of-the-ordinary, super-fantastic day! I had seen a post on Facebook by Taryn (founder and GGG extraordinaire of Go Get It Gals--check out her website: ) about a GGG ride starting in Mossyrock. Well, as some know, I no longer have a car, so I responded that I would be interested in going, but would need a ride. I'd be happy to pitch in for gas if there was someone with room for me and my bike. Taryn said she had room (in the Go Get It Gal Van of Awesomeness). I met up with her and Michelle (another great GGG) in Tumwater. Taryn fit all three of our bikes in the back of the GGGVofA and we headed south to Mossyrock. Mossyrock is the home of the fourth member of today's GGG Posse, Peggy.

Taryn, Michelle, and Peggy (along with three other gals) had done a GGG cycling tour in France this last summer (Taryn is putting together another Conquer the Cols Tour for this next summer. I encourage you all to check it out at It was great fun to hear about their tour and even more fun to ride with them. Peggy put together an excellent DVD that we watched after our ride.

We left from Peggy's house just as the last bit of fog was burning off to reveal a lovely blue-sky November day. Temps were in the upper 40s, but we were dressed warmly (a little too warmly as the day went on). We first rode into Mossyrock itself. We wound up, down, this way, and that until I couldn't even tell which direction we were heading. I absolutely love these kinds of rides where I have no idea where I am! I only knew we were near Riffe Lake and Lake Mayfield. We ended up going around Lake Mayfield and past Ike Kinswa State Park where we camped when Kyle was little. We were on rural roads going past farm after farm. I don't know how many Christmas Tree farms we went past, but it was a lot! At one they were harvesting trees. The fragrance of fresh cut fir was definitely in the air (kind of like having one of those pine tree things hanging from your rear view mirror, except better).

We rode about 32 miles in a loop, then came back to Peggy's where she treated us to a delicious lunch (she called it a snack) of macaroni salad, pineapple, and banana bread.

After watching the DVD, we piled the bikes back into the GGGVofA and headed back to Olympia. Taryn dropped me at home just as the late afternoon sun was starting to set. What a great day with great women! They are some awesome Go Get It Gals!

I didn't take my camera (I meant to, but forgot). Taryn took photos though. Perhaps she will put them on the Go Get It Gals website...

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Swannee said...

What a beautiful ride--good weather, good company, and a meal to boot!