Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Turkey Ride...

Or...All Roads Lead to Pie!

And, the longer the road, the more pie it leads to!

Yes, some people are happy to sit at home watching a parade, some football, and maybe even a dog show. Me? I'd rather do a preemptive strike against the calories I will be consuming later on in the day. And, if this strike can also benefit those less fortunate among us who just want to have some calories to eat...all the better.

Today's ride was put together by Dave from the OOA Team to benefit the Thurston County Food Bank. It's a win win. We ride so we can eat more and we also ride so others can eat more too.

We met at 10:00 at Tumwater Falls Park. Dave took donations to give to the food bank in the name of the OOA/CBC Racing Team. There were over 20 people--mostly team folks, but a few extras too (including family in town for Thanksgiving). We also picked up a few CBC club riders. OOA women were well represented (not all of us are stuck in the kitchen cooking all day!).

We headed South to Tenino then on Crowder Rd. to Skookumchuck and Johnson Creek. About half of the group headed back at Tenino (that's one of the great things about these rides--there is almost always a shorter route for those with limited time). Once we got back to 507 we rode along 507 for a short bit to Military Rd. From Military it was on to Waldrick. This was actually the first time I have ridden this section of Waldrick. Usually I'm on the trail, but the trail is not good right now for a large group of riders. We rode Waldrick to Stedman and Stedman to Rainier Rd. The group turned at Firtree, but I just continued on Rainier and headed home.

Apparently there is a pie eating contest. The person who eats the most pies by midnight tonight, wins (I don't know what--a bloated stomach???). I heard DJ say he was going for 4 pies! Damn these guys who can eat like that and still drop me with no effort whatsoever! I figure with a 3 hour, 53 mile ride at an average speed of 17.4 mph, I earned a "reasonable" dinner including a PIECE of pumpkin pie!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone (I am especially thankful to those of you who faithfully read my blog)!


Trevor said...

A Happy Thanksgiving to you too....Thanks for sharing your ride with us....


Marsha said...

Happy Thanksgiving and happy pie-eating! Thanks for the fun post.