Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Turned up the Heat?

I thought for sure tonight's night ride would be in the rain. Not only did it not rain, but someone turned up the heat! It was in the low 50s tonight. I was way over-dressed! I took my red jacket off at the start. I wished I had not worn my "Live Long and Prosper" gloves. I was still plenty warm enough and even unzipped my purple jacket.

Even with the good weather, there were only 5 of us. We headed back up the trail with the boys keeping up a rather brisk pace. By the time we got to the Fones Rd crossing, Jean and I were falling behind. Jean caught up to me at the crossing, then we caught up to the guys once they realized we weren't with them anymore and they slowed down...a bit. Once we caught up, they resumed their peppy pace. Jean and I kept up pretty good for awhile then Jean's fender was getting severly clogged with pine needles. At the second Waldrick crossing, Brad had to turn back. Ron and Jean took the opportunity to get the needles out of their front fenders (they both had to take off their front wheels). The four of us continued to the trail junction turn around. On the way back, the guys were, once again, picking up the pace. Coming back, the trail trends down, plus the wind was a little more at our backs.

I think Jean thought she was just going slower tonight (when her fender was clogged she was), but really, the guys were going faster. My average speed when I got home was 16.9 mph. That is the fastest average of all the night rides I've done--and the warmest!

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