Saturday, July 12, 2014

Day 51--The Shortest Day So Far

As planned, I have ridden just 31 miles from Lough Ree to Lough Ennell. I got here at 1:30--that was with stopping in Ballymore for a snack, and riding through Mullingar. Along the way, I didn't take many photos because there just wasn't much to photograph. Except this pointy haystack.

About 12 miles out from Mullingar, I met Matt from British Columbia (near Prince George). He was cycling across Ireland from Dublin to Galway, then taking the train back. It didn't sound like he was doing any more than that. Seems kind of odd, but now I don't feel so bad for not going to some of the more scenic places. I think it's also funny that in the last two days, I've met two touring cyclists. Whereas, in the other parts of Ireland, the more scenic parts, I've seen no one.

Lough Ennell Caravan Park is run by the O'Malley Family. Dad O'Malley runs a tight ship among his boys (at least 3 boys that I know of). They've owned the place for 20 years.

After I showered, I decided I really needed to do a proper wash of some clothes. I went to the office to get change for a 2€ coin--it cost 5€, and I didn't have anymore 1€ coins. I also wanted to buy a single pack of laundry soap. Well, they didn't have single packs, but the older of the sons said he would go up to the house and get me some. He delivered it to the laundry room. How nice is that? 

I dried the non-wool stuff in the dryer (1€ more). It's a typical overcast day here in Ireland. (Actually, it's not a typical day. Normally, it would be raining.) We'll see if the clothes hanging will get dry, but the other clothes are clean and dry!

When I returned from the laundry to my tent, the son was doing some weed eating. He stopped and we talked for quite awhile. He's 25, and basically grew up here. We talked about various things, but one thing was why the 1€ charge for the showers. He said it's not because 1€ covers the cost! It's because there are only 4 showers, and the 1€ charge gets people in and out. That makes sense. Also, since the M6 Motorway went in, not so many caravans come through here. It used to take 6 hours to get from Dublin to Galway. Now with the M6, it only takes 2 1/2 hours. People bypass Lough Ennell now. One way the park makes money is by renting space for people's holiday homes (mobile homes).
Some are also available for short stay guests too.

He also told me the best way to get to the Caravan Park I want to stay in tomorrow. It's good that he told me, because I might not have gone the way he said (the old road--N6) because it starts out with some backtracking.

There is one annoying thing here...flies. Just your garden variety house fly, but they are everywhere. First I thought, geez, I must really need a shower! But, I've had a shower (soap and all!), and the flies are still buzzing around!

I suppose now I'll fix my dinner. On tonight's menu is some chicken and vegetable soup with some pasta in it. 

No wifi here. I'll have to wait until Dublin.

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