Monday, July 21, 2014

Day 61--From Palace to Palace

Jane and I stayed up waaaaaay too late talking last night, and her alarm came very early this morning. I wouldn't have changed a thing! We had a great time, and I have a new friend! We were up at 4:15. Her taxi came at 5:00. 
Headed to Heathrow, to Houston, then Quito, Ecuador.

I got everything packed up, and was out by 5:30. Here's the sun coming up over Slough.

I managed to backtrack back the way we had come last night without a single wrong turn! This time when I rode through Eton School, I took a photo.

I went back to the bridge between Eton and Windsor where I had met Jane last night. Here's a photo of Windsor Palace (the Queen's favorite weekend place).

I was following the Route 4 signs, but they seemed to be taking me back toward the towns I had come through yesterday. I couldn't seem to find any signs that directed me toward London, so I just put Staines-upon-Thames in the Garmin. When I got to Staines, I still couldn't find the route, so I just followed the signs to Chertsey. In Chertsey, I finally picked up the route. 

It went along the Thames Path (much better here) for many miles. 
Here's a guy kayaking in the "Danger Zone"

This is more what you expect to see on the Thames.

It was still a crushed gravel path, a little muddy in places. Periodically, I had to stop and empty the little bits of rocks out of my sandals. 

At about 9:00, I was getting hungry. Since I had had such an early breakfast, I decided second breakfast was in order. However, on the Thames Path, one doesn't exactly go by a supermarket. But, I happened to see a boater guy walking back to his boat in Moseley with a sack of groceries. Figuring he couldn't have gone too far to get them, I turned off the path. Sure enough, there was a Tesco shop just a couple of blocks up. I got a big container of coconut yogurt, and some little donuts, and returned to the path, and a bench, to eat them. 

There were just brief times when the route wasn't on the Thames Path. Even Hampton Palace was on the river.

A section of ornate fencing around the back of the palace.

I stayed on the route until Richmond Park. Then, I asked the Garmin where Crystal Palace Caravan Park was, and rode there. I'm sure there was a shorter route, but I just let the Garmin lead me on all the bike friendly streets.

Due to my very early start, I arrived here at noon. I'm actually going to stay here 3 nights to have two full days in London (I'm ahead a couple of days, so I can take the extra day here). I could have gone into London today, but I was so tired, I took a nap instead. Then I took a walk to the Crystal Palace train station in case I decide I don't want to ride into London tomorrow. Of course, I can also take the bus. I know which bus to take, I'm just not sure where to get it.

Crystal Palace was built as a big exposition. Now, it's basically a big park. At it's highest point is the BBC Communications Tower. 
Looks kind of like a mini Eiffel Tower.

Tomorrow I'll ask at reception where the #3 bus is. The gal today said it is also an easy 45 minute ride into London. If I do ride, all I have to do is follow the #3. I may just do that...although, I do think it would be fun to take the train.

Total miles today: 54

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Dillon said...

Interesting fact: The UK and original version of The Office takes place in Slough.