Saturday, July 19, 2014

Day 59--A Most Excellent Tour, and a Chance Meeting

Today I finally have a day off the bike! Chris arrived at the Caravan Park at 10:00. He came on his bike, but he just left it with Betsy, and we took the bus into the center of Oxford. I finally got to ride one of the double-decker busses! Here's the view out the window from the top. It's not the greatest, because it was raining a little.

We got off the bus near Oxford Castle. 
This is the mound that the tower used to sit on. 
Part of the prison

This used to be the prison. Now it's a fancy hotel (lends new meaning to "you can check-in, but you can never check-out"). It should be called the Hotel California!

Then we walked around in the old Medieval part.

Carfax Tower
Oxford Theater where they have great concerts.
The Martyr's Memorial
Cool old house.

We were headed to Christchurch College, when I felt this hand on my shoulder. I turned around and it was Jessica!!! I met her at the caravan park in Stratford (she gave me the map of Stratford). I couldn't believe it! Here in this city filled with people, we would run into each other! What are the chances! This time I also met the rest of the family--husband Kent, and Elliot and Liam (their two boys). Turns out they had tried to come to the same park as me, but the park is full. They had to go to three places before they found a spot. It's all because of the GLA Game Fair going on this weekend.

This time we had to have a photo!

They were also going to Christchurch College. What is so special about this college? Well, it is also known as Hogwarts. Okay, it's not "known" as Hogwarts, but it is the site for Hogwarts in the "Harry Potter" movies. 

When we got there, for some reason it was closed to visitors today. It was too bad for Elliot, because he really wanted to see it. All we could do was go to the gate and peer in.

Chris and I left Jessica and family and walked through the Christchurch College Gardens.

This info was in the gardens. You can see in the photos where HP was filmed.

Although it was just 11:30, we decided we would look for a pub for lunch. We went to the Turf Tavern. It is one of those places one would never find unless you knew it was there.
Down the alley,
Through the tunnel,
To the Tavern.
The ceiling was quite low. We ordered drinks, then went outside in the courtyard to sit. After awhile we Chris went in and ordered food.
I asked Chris about the whole "mushy" peas (in this case, they were "minted" mushy peas) thing served with Fish and Chips. He said it's just a British thing (but I also had it in Ireland). I still don't like them.

After lunch we did some more walking around. We went through the Oxford Univ. Gardens. We saw this guy attempting to punt (using a pole to propel the boat). He was not so good at it.

We came out onto St. Giles. Across the street is this pub where Tolkien and CS Lewis used to meet for drinks.

We caught the bus back to the Park and Ride near the Caravan Park. It was a really great day and tour of Oxford. I would not have seen nearly as much without Chris as my tour guide! Thanks again Chris, and thanks also for the lunch! 

Now I must think of moving on tomorrow...London is coming, and I'm a wee bit terrified!

Here's a parting shot for today. A selfie of Chris and I on the double-decker bus!

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