Sunday, July 27, 2014

Day 66--Part 2--Holland!

Remember the couple I met at the ferry terminal in Harwich? Well, I did see them on the boat, and as we were getting ready to disembark, I asked if they knew of a camping place. Roy knew of one nearby that was on the way they were going. He said him and Leslie would show me. Cool! 
Coming into Hoek Van Holland Port 
Does anything about this photo make anyone else nervous? I heard a man behind me say, "I can't watch!" At one point, the guy was holding two kids!

Open sesame! (That's Roy and Leslie)

As we exited the ferry, Leslie was having problems with her chain. We stopped and Roy fixed it, getting his hands thoroughly greasy in the process. I gave him a Grease Monkey Wipe to clean his hands. We continued on out of the Port area.
Woo Hoo!

Now I go back to riding on the right, kilometers, Euros, and I lost an hour (back to 9 hours ahead of home). Also, no more English as the primary language. 

I got to Camping Hoek van Holland (cost 12€), set up my tent, took the bags off Betsy, and went in search of a grocery store. I finally found a Lidl store and replenished my food.

I was lubing Betsy's chain when another gal came into the tent area on her bike. She is Olga, from France. This is her first bike tour. She is also going to Amsterdam tomorrow, so we are going to ride together. We are going to follow the Coast to Haarlem. Haarlem is only about 10 km from Amsterdam. It will be fun to have another gal to ride with.

Now I'm off to bed. Here's what I'm listening to from my tent.
Pretty nice goat house!

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