Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 66--Patience is a Virtue

I got up at 5:00 this morning. I left Greenacres Caravan Park at 6:30. Using the map the gal drew for me (although the bike route signs also went the same way), I made my way the Port, arriving at 6:45. 
Check-in started at 7:30. There was already a line, but I just cycled up to the front. The kiosks opened about 7:15, and I cycled up to the window only to find out the ship was fully booked. I was able to purchase a ticket for tomorrow. I spent an extra 4£ to have a Flexi-ticket. I asked the man if there was a cancellation, or if someone doesn't show up, would I be able to get on today. He said it was possible, but unlikely. That's why I purchased the Flexi-ticket. He said to come back at 8:15, and he would be able to check if there was a cancellation. I went over to the waiting area and sat down to wait. 

A couple came up on bikes. They were from Birmingham. I told the gal I had cycled through Birmingham! I told them I was waiting to see if I would get to get on the ship. As they were getting ready to go check in, they said, "See you on the boat." I said it was unlikely. 

As I was waiting, I was making a plan in my head. I would cycle back into town, get some groceries, ride around the town a bit, then go back to Greenacres for the night. I wouldn't have to get up so early tomorrow morning because the ship didn't sail until 10:00, and I had my ticket, and knew where to go. However, Karma being the way it is and all, when I rode back over to the guy in the kiosk, it turned out there two spaces available! The guy felt bad for charging me the extra 4£, but I said it was the best 4£ I'd ever spent!

Boarding Pass in hand, I cycled to the ferry. Curiously, when I got on the car deck, there was loads of room. But, for these types of ferries, it's not about the number of cars, it's about the number of passengers. You can't remain on the car deck during the sailing. So, even if your car (or bicycle) fits, you may not fit. 

This ferry has 11 decks. The decks above Deck 9 are all cabins. If you sail at 11:30pm, you must reserve a cabin. Here's a photo of the model of the ship.
The Stena Britannica

Here's some views from the deck.
The Lorry Deck
The deck to the left of the Lorry Ramp is the deck Betsy is on.
Betsy tied to her spot. The two bikes other bikes are the couple from Birmingham.

There are multiple restaurants and caf├ęs on board. There is a cinema showing "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and "Malificient". You have to buy a ticket though. There's a Teen room, and a Curious George room for the small tots. The wifi is free. Don't have a computer? No problem! There's an Internet Room too!

So, I'm going to sit back and enjoy my ferry ride to Holland! 

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