Monday, June 20, 2016

A Little Harry Potter, a Ferry, and Finally a Shower!

Last night I told Annette we should aim to get on the road by 8:30. I told her I'd wake her up at 6:45. I could flash my newly painted fluorescent fingernails. The glow would wake her up for sure!
Hi-vis yellow and orange!

We woke up to blue skies! Still, a little chilly, but the prospect of a warmer day looked positive. We were on the road at exactly 8:30! We were headed for the ferry at Crawford Bay. The roller coaster hills from yesterday continued today. Soon my leg warmers and jacket sleeves came off.

We passed another one of those "towns" on the map that wasn't really a town. This one was Gray Creek. As we entered Crawford Bay, we saw a most curious shop.
Never seen a broom company before! There were a number of Harry Potter brooms. Apparently, this company sent the publisher or the production company several brooms.
There's even a Griffendore scarf hanging.
The broom maker in action.

I bought a little tiny baby broom as a souvenir. I also bought a nice corn broom and had it shipped home. Annette got a shorter handle broom that she strapped on the back of Stella. For a moment, Tilmann was worried that I was changing my mode of transportation!
Now we just need to find a game of quidditch!

We still had to go over the hump to get down to the ferry terminal. It was quite a slog, but the downhill to the ferry was a great reward! 
We arrived as the ferry was coming in. Only had to wait about 15 minutes before we rolled on. This was a free ferry.
The bikes are parked! This is Tilmann's first ferry ride!

We went up to the passenger cabin. The crossing was 35 minutes. We were crossing Kootenay Lake.
Girls on a boat.
The view looking north.
The dock at Balfour.

We disembarked and started to ride up the hill when I spied a bakery. I had a Nanaimo bar that was heaven! I also noticed on the door that I have a new profession!
You'd think I would have known about it...I'm supposed to be psychic!

After a good break, we got back on the road. We were headed to Nelson. However, about 7 miles down the road we came to Kokanee Provincial Park. We'd heard about this park. When Annette caught up to me, I suggested maybe we stay here. We have the time. So we turned in. At the entrance station Annette asked if they had showers. YES! The sites were $32, but...they have a Hiker/Biker site that is...wait for it...FREE!!! How's that for some provincial park awesomeness!!! We have a trail access to the main park where the shower is, and there is wifi at the Visitor's Center.
Bridge over Kokanee Creek to the Visitor's Center.

So, only 24 miles today, but a worthwhile short day!

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