Thursday, June 23, 2016

We're Coming Boo Boo!

This morning from Erin and Bob's place. See the bald eagle in the tree? There was also a juvenile flying around.
The Pend Oreille River in the morning with no wind.

It's amazing how early we can get on the road when all we have to do is load our stuff into John's truck (no taking down tents either), and hit the road. We did want to get going early because we were going all the way to Annette's house, which was about 76 miles. We left at 7:25.

We had about 30 miles of the Selkirk Loop to finish (to get back to Usk). Along the way it rained some, but we had brought our rain jackets. 
Le Clerc Rd to Usk. Traveling light.

As we were nearing Usk, Annette had a great idea to call John and have him meet us in Usk, then drive us to the top of Flowery Trail so we could ride down to Chewelah. She called, and John agreed! 
We finished the Selkirk Loop! This is where we got on the main loop at Usk.

We returned to Boo Boo's Bakery and Cafe in Usk. This is the first time I have gone to the same bakery twice in one tour! We talked to the same gal, and this time also had some lunch (BLTs), even though it was only 10:45.
Boo Boo, we're back!!!

John arrived about an hour after us. We loaded the bikes onto the truck and headed up to the top of Flowery Trail. We unloaded, and headed down the hill. I hit my maximum speed so far on Tilmann of 40.44 mph. I would have gone faster, but there was a nasty headwind. It took 20 minutes to go 9 miles. We met John at the other bakery we had stopped at on our first day in Chewelah.

Once again we loaded the bikes, and this time, headed home. It was a great tour! The funniest thing is that for the entire 8 days, we only stayed in one of the places I had planned when I figured out the itinerary! We also only paid for camping for 4 of the 8 nights. That averaged out to less than $4/person for camping. Pretty good, I think!

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