Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pedaling Up and Pedaling Down

Not much in the way of an exciting day today. We did get our earliest start this morning at 7:50. A few miles in we came to this interesting restaurant.
Have no idea how they got that up there!

We made it to Nelson at about 9:30. Stopped at a Safeway to restock some groceries. Funny thing, it's a Canadian Safeway, but the recorded voice in the store is exactly the same voice as at home!

The road out of Nelson was very steep. It had been raining, but stopped while we were at Safeway. I still had my leg warmers on though. Had to stop midway up the hill to take them off. I looked back and saw Annette walking. When she caught up to me, she said Stella's gears were grinding. I looked to see that the front derailleur was not shifted all the way for the small ring. That solved the problem.
Goodbye Nelson.

After several miles of more climbing, we finally reached the top of Apex Summit. 
It had been on and off again raining. Rain jacket on, rain jacket off...

The remainder of the ride to Salmo was mostly downhill. However, there was a headwind, so we had to pedal going downhill too!
This was a spot of decent scenery. 

We pulled off the road for a lunch break. It was another case of not knowing what is in front, only what is behind, because just a couple miles down the road there was a rest area. Oh well...

We pulled into Salmo after 38 miles. We could have gone farther, but there appears to be nothing between here and the border, so Salmo it is. We are at a campground/city park/ball fields place. They have showers (8 minutes for $1), but they were cold. They charge $15 per tent! We were hoping no one would spot us, but the lady came over and collected the fee. At least she refunded the cost of the showers.

The weather is looking okay, but if it turns bad, we have a couple of shelter options for cooking.
This, or...

Tomorrow we return to "The States". Back to being able to use my cell phone...back to good ol' American currency.

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