Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Post Flight/Reassemble Test Ride

June 15--Today it is sunny, but a bit chilly (about 60 degrees). I suited up, and took Tilmann out for a test ride. This was important for a couple reasons besides just making sure everything was in good shape. First was seeing how Tilmann handled on gravel. The road that John and Annette live on is gravel, as well as their driveway. There driveway is also a steep downhill away from the house. I will admit I was extra cautious going down, but Tilmann did just fine. 

The road from the bottom of their driveway is an immediate, rather steep, long climb. Partly what makes it so steep and long is that I was not even remotely warmed up! I was in Tilmann's easiest gear. Sadly, that was with only the handlebar bag on for weight. Fully loaded would have been...challenging.

Once on the pavement, there were more hills, but not as steep. I went up and over a ridge and down into the next valley. Here's the view.

Annette and I have ridden this way before. When we came to and intersection, we had gone left. I pulled out my phone to see if going right went where I thought it did. Sure enough, it did, so I turned right to continue my loop. I didn't want a necessarily long ride, and I had a vague memory of Annette telling me this particular loop I had in mind was about 13 miles. That was perfect.

I came to my next turn at a road called Wild Rose. It could have also been named Wild Rosercoaster because it was a bit up and down. 
One of the longer and steeper ones (you can't see the bottom of the hill).

I turned on Austin which was more roller coaster hills. That brought me back to Woolard, and back to the gravel road. Coming down the hill to the base of their driveway, I was still pretty cautious. At the bottom, I still had to ride up the driveway. I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to pedal all the way up (it is steeper than the gravel road hill), but by then I was warmed up and managed it just fine.

Although the ride wasn't very long, there was 968 feet of elevation gain. My average was a whopping 9.8, but who cares! Tilmann is ready for our tour!

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