Sunday, January 15, 2017

Jan 15--A Day Off to Dry Out

We have spent today trying to dry everything out. My tent is now dry. My clothes are mostly dry. The socks take the longest, though. They are still quite damp.

It rained briefly this morning, but overall, the day has been pretty good. We went across the street to the abbarotes to resupply for the next few days. It was a pretty well stocked shop, but we wish we had taken our headlamps, because there were no lights. It is spendy, as Mexican abbarotes go, but it is also the only shop in town (you can get cookies and chips and candy at the restaurant, and in the "gift shop" of the hotel). I was going to get some drinkable yogurt, but when I opened the "cooler", the smell about made me gag. I decided I would pass on the yogurt. Fortunately, I still have cheese, because the cheese was in the same cooler.

Brent and I walked around the hotel. It has nice grounds--lots of cactus, and metal sculptures, which seemed to be based on cave paintings.
On my map, under CataviƱa, it says cave paintings. We went across the street to have a little lunch at the restaurant. We split a plate of quesotacos. The restaurant is fairly rustic (as is most everything except this hotel) with a sand floor and all kinds of stuff on the walls (including a big cutout of Woody from Toy Story). A little bird even came in to see what snacks it could find.
See the bird on the counter?


Most of these little restaurants we eat at are the owner's home. We can see the living room and the kitchen from where we are eating.

A bunch of the riders that got here the day before us, left this morning in a truck headed to a place where they could then head to Santa Rosalillita. They piled five bikes and riders into a Chevy S10. Brent says he also saw another car, so some of the people must have ridden in the car. Marty, and a couple other riders were riding to Bahia de los Angeles.

Our plan for now is to ride to Santa Rosalillita on pavement, then pick up the route from there. Should take us about a day and a half to get to Santa Rosalillita. I'm not too concerned about riding the highway. I came here to ride my bike, not hitch a ride unless that's the only option.

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