Friday, January 20, 2017

Jan 19--Oh How the Wind Does Blow!

So, we went to sleep in our tents on the beach. At about 1:00am I awoke to the wind fairly howling. The stakes for the vestibules had been pulled out, as well as the two corners facing the wind. The rainfly vestibules were flapping like mad. Brent and I both sat up in our tents wondering what the heck was going on! I tied back my rainfly doors so maybe the wind could blow through the tent. At least it wasn't quite so noisy. The wind would gust so hard that I had to use my body weight to hold the tent down. I brought my panniers, my Sweet roll, and my dromedary (that had about 4 liters of water), into my tent. I laid them on the windward side, to help hold the tent down. A fine coating of sand worked its way through the mesh of the tent. Fortunately, there was no rain. The wind howled for about an hour or so. At one point, I fell back to sleep. That must have been when the wind stopped.

In the morning we woke to a fabulous sunrise. Tomás was right, we did have the best view! We decided to pack up our stuff, and go to a hotel for tonight. We did a little tour of the town. We really wanted to do some laundry (here in Mexico, we've found you don't really do your own laundry--you pay someone to do it for you). We also wanted good wifi. On our tour, we stopped and had breakfast at Alejandrina's. They had wifi, but I figured we'd get wifi at a hotel.

We went back to the place where Tomás was. We saw Leah and Joe there, and they said the Costa Del Sol Hotel was better for about the same price (1000 pesos for a double room--about $25 each). They also had wifi. So we ended up here at Costa Del Sol. The wifi is good for email, Facebook, and uploading blog posts, but not uploading photos. There is a Great Dane here named Scooby. First thing he did was pee on my wheel. He belongs to the owner. In the restaurant, he was supposed to stay on his bed. It was a chair cushion, not much larger than his head!

As the morning went on, the wind really picked up again. We were glad to not be camping on the beach. We also got all our laundry done for the princely sum of 50 pesos ($2.50) each. Yay, my clothes smell good again!!! We resupplied at a mercado for the next few days.

Harry heard we were here, and came by to talk to us. He got his saddle fixed, so will continue to ride with us tomorrow.

We were sitting in the restaurant having something to drink, and some chips, when I saw Nicholas and Lael. We haven't seen them since Tecate. We got to catch up on how our rides have been going. It was great to see them! I'm sure they will power on ahead of us tomorrow (unless they decide to stay another day here). The other great thing is that Nicholas has his laptop, and thinks he can download the route onto Harry's Garmin. That way, Harry doesn't have to stick with us if he chooses, yet he can still do the route.

We are mostly packed for tomorrow. The wind has continued to blow most of the day. Hopefully it will get it out of its system by our departure tomorrow.

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