Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jan 28--Giving My Princess Shoes a Workout

today we took a Day Off in Mulége.

Morning in Mulége 

We interspersed chores with sightseeing. After eating breakfast at the bakery/cafe, we decided to actually go to the Misíon (remember, yesterday we thought we were going to the Misíon, but we went to the prison). Tom told Brent about a path to get up to the Misíon. We walked out from the town arch, and went a short way to where there was a dam of sorts across the river.
We walked across to the other side of the river. As you can see in the photo above, there were stairs down to the lower part of the dam. However, on the other side, there were no stairs. There was a path that went around and up. The path came up to the back of the Misíon. There was also a promontory that we could climb up to. The view of the river and palm trees was pretty great.

We went around to the front of the Misíon. We peaked inside, but there was a service going on, so we didn't go in.

We went back across the river the way we had come. Brent took this photo of me. The weather is still rather chilly, hence the long tights and vest.

Next up was the chore of buying food for the next section. We both had pictured a good sized abberotes, but could find neither of what we had pictured in our minds. We think they might have been in another town (it's bad when the towns start to run together in your head!!!). We ended up, after walking around town, at the aberrotes closest to our hotel. They had enough of a selection for me. 

Back at the hotel, Brent did some cleaning on his bike. I cleaned my Salsa bags (a gel had leaked in the bottom of one making it very sticky, and the other was the side that fell in the river), then packed up my food. By then it was time for some lunch. First we went to Ponchos, a place that advertised tortas. It was closed, so we ended up coming back to the restaurant across the street from the hotel (I would have done a lot less walking if we had just gone to the places near the hotel first!). Both Brent and I had delicious tortas. 

After lunch we had the crazy idea to walk out to the beach. We should have just ridden our bikes. It was at least 2 1/2 miles. My princess shoes were not really the best shoes to walk that far! But, we did it anyway. We had planned to hike up to the lighthouse (which looks curiously like a water tower), but when we got out there we decided we really didn't need to hike all the way to the top (our feet were already protesting, and we still had to walk all the way back). Here's a couple of photos.

In the first photo, you can see how far away the lighthouse is. We had already walked quite aways. The second photo is at the beach (obviously). Instead of going up to the lighthouse, we looked around the beach for cool shells. There were tons of shells on the beach, but the best one I found was a quarter sized dried out sea urchin. I hope I can make it home with it intact. They are pretty fragile. I also found a small cowrie. I really need to stop picking up shells. But, they are so cool! 

We made the long trek back into town. Our final chore was to get water from the purificada. 6 liters cost me three pesos. We saw Harry, and decided to meet for dinner at 6:15 at the place we ate last night. When we got there it was pretty crowded and there was loud music. We decided, instead to go to Ponchos. When we got there he wasn't open yet, but said in about an hour. We looked at another place, but it was deemed too expensive. At this point, it was me, Brent, Harry, and Heike. Jan, and Ryan and the guy from Mexico City were sitting at the expensive place (it was also a hotel, and they were staying there). Jan joined us, and we went back to the first restaurant to see if we could sit by the fire place. There wasn't room, so we just hung out until Ponchos was open. The five of us had ordered, and were sitting waiting for our food when Tom and Sarah showed up. They had ordered a pizza from a nearby place, but also ordered some tacos while they waited for their pizza. We had a great time chatting, and eating. 

Finally, we couldn't stand the cold anymore, and all headed back to our hotel rooms. Tomorrow, Tom and Sarah are taking a boat across the bay to Los Hornitos. Brent and I, and Heike are taking Mex 1 down this side of the bay. Harry hasn't decided yet if he is taking the boat or riding with us. We'll see in the morning. 

It was one of the best days off I've had, but my feet sure are tired! 

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