Sunday, January 8, 2017

Jan 5--A Drizzle Day Into Ojos Negros

We woke to fog and mist this morning, and it stayed with us most of the day. We had a bit more climbing to do, then it was mostly downhill. The climbing was easy (no walking today), and the downhill was a blast. We caught up to Herb and Adam (Adam is Australian). Adam eventually rode ahead of us (he's a younger pup), but Herb stayed with Brent, Harry, and I the rest of the day.

We were all pretty wet from the mist. It was okay, warmth wise, while we were moving, but a little chilly when we would stop.

We came into Ejido Sierra Juarez, about 4.5 miles away from Ojos Negros. There was a small tienda. We went in and bought just a couple of snacks. I got a Coke and a pan dulce for 15 pesos (about $1.50). Then we rode the rest of the way in Ojos Negros.

This town is considered a major resupply. There are two abbarotes (grocery) as well as a few restaurants.

Because we were all pretty much wet and cold, we decided to stay in a hotel tonight. Herb rode over to check out the Hotel Del Real. It was 400 pesos for two double beds, and 350 for a single queen size. We had met Anna at the grocery. She is an almost 20 year old doing the ride, taking winter quarter off from Western Washington University. She's from Anchorage. Anyway, that made 6 of us (Brent, Harry, Herb, Adam, Anna, and myself), so we got three rooms. I offered to room with Anna since she didn't know any of the guys. We took the single bed room for 350 pesos (that's about $9 each). There are showers, but ours was cold (later we had hot water). There is wifi too, but all I seem to be able to do is check my email. Couldn't get the blog to post, or the photos to upload.

We went to an open air restaurant called TorreĆ³n.
I had two carne asada tacos, a carne quesadilla, and a horchata, all for the low price of 72 pesos! It was delicious!

After dinner we walked around the town. Harry and I got some pan dulce at one of the other grocery stores. Now we are back at the hotel enjoying electricity, and warmth. We ended up doing about 40 miles today. It was a good ride.

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