Thursday, January 19, 2017

Jan 16--Quick Work of 76 Miles--Just Brent and I

We made a plan with Harry and Herb to depart at 7:00. Last evening we had talked to three riders who had just gotten off a bus. They were planning to continue bussing to La Paz as the one gal's knee was really bothering her. They stayed in CataviƱa last night, and were out waiting for the bus this morning. Herb was getting a bit more water, but told us to go on ahead. The three of us pulled out, but then Harry decided to go see about the bus. Brent and I took off by ourselves.

At about 18 miles into today's ride, the bus went by, and we saw Harry wave to us. So, now we don't know if we'll see him again. If not, it was good riding with you, Harry! Happy trails!

Brent and I were busting out the miles on Mex 1. At 10:30 we had already done 35 miles when we came to a roadside restaurant. I just wanted a Coke, but then we decided a bite to eat would be good. We shared a plate of quesadillas. As we were getting ready to pull out, Brent saw Herb coming down the road. We weren't sure if he had maybe decided on the bus too. Apparently, not. It was still pretty chilly (about 58 degrees) so Herb put on his long underwear. We took off, and stayed together for awhile, but then Brent and I got ahead. Herb was going to be heading to Bahia de Los Angeles (BOLA), and we were continuing south to pick up the route at Santa Rosalillita. We may or may not see Herb again. I hope we do, though.

We came to the turn to BOLA, and stopped at a small aberrotes. I asked the gal if there was camping around, but she said no. We had come 67 miles, and figured that was good enough for the day, even though it was only 1:30. The gal said there was camping in Punta Prieta, 13km down the road. We figured we could ride that much more.

We rolled into Punta Prieta. There was a group of 5 cyclists, including a couple that we saw first at El Sacrificio, then again in CataviƱa. They were road touring down Baja. I asked them if they were going to camp in Punta Prieta somewhere, but they were continuing to Rosarito (we will be there in a couple of days or less).

I asked a kid in the aberrotes there if he knew where there was camping. He rattled off a whole lot of Spanish that I did not understand. Brent and I just decided to head down the road until we found a spot off the highway to wild camp. About a mile or so out of town, I spotted a good option. We are plenty far enough away from the highway so no one can see us. We got here about 3:15. We rode 76 miles today. Oh, we also saw a coyote, and some horses. Didn't get a photo of the coyote, but got a couple of the horses.

I apologize for no photos. I'm having a hard time getting good enough wifi to upload photos. Maybe in Vizcaino I'll Ben able to upload a bunch.

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