Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jan 29--Mex 1 Sunday Instead of Mex 1 Monday

Harry decided to take the road instead of the boat, so he joined us. We wished Sarah and Tom, and Joe and Leah, good luck (particularly with the potential for sea sickness). Hopefully, they'll catch up to us at some point. As we were heading out of Mulége on Mex 1, a fisherman went by pulling a boat. He asked if we were who he was taking across the bay. With the looks of the boat (kind of like a skiff--about 18 to 20 feet long), it was going to be an interesting ride. There were still white caps on the bay.

We enjoyed a nice tailwind on the road. Mex 1 was an exercise in ups and downs. Interestingly, there were more trucks today, on Sunday, than we have encountered on our Mex 1 Monday rides. Periodically, there were some very nice beaches. Overall, along the Bay of Conception, it was spectacularly beautiful.  Here's some photos.

We rode about 37 miles before we reached the end of the Bay. At one point, Harry left us and decided he would maybe camp at one of the beaches. We really wanted to get in more miles than about 28.

Brent and I came upon a small restaurant. We decided to take a break. It was about 11:00, so we figured we could have an earlyish lunch. We both had quesadillas. As we were eating, guess who rolled up--Harry! He said the beach wasn't that great. But, he said he was probably going to stay on Mex 1 to a town called Loreto (we don't go there), and take a couple days off. So, now we may not see Harry again...who knows???

Brent and I arrived at El Rosarito, a truck stop (but not like the fancy Pemex truck stops). This was where we rejoined the route. We continued on Mex 1 for a bit more, then turned off to head back into the mountains. A few miles into the gravel, we saw Matt. He had skipped Datíl to Mulége as his saddle rail is failing. Now he was heading back toward Mulége (poor guy--gonna be headwinds for him).

Brent and I rode a few more miles, then found a place to camp. We did 55 miles today (only 9 on gravel though). We are finally having some warmer weather, but we have enough water to get to the next water source tomorrow.

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