Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Feb 13--Now This is Vacation!

Before I get on with today's activity, a little update is in order from last night. When we went to bed, all was calm, just a gentle breeze. Maybe a couple hours later I was awakened by the wind howling. I had not used my stakes because the ground was too hard. However, I did put big heavy rocks on the corners. That didn't really do much good. It was another one of those nights where the only thing keeping my tent in place was the fact that I was in it. The opposite corner from my head seemed to be taking the brunt of the wind. I piled my water containers, iPad, toiletries, and anything else of weight into the corner. Still, when a strong gust would come, the corner f the tent would pick up and move. Tom and Sarah had put their tarp tent up. Tom had to take it down. So they were stuck out in the full force of the wind. I had a fine layer of sand covering everything in my tent.

Our plan today was to hit the next snorkeling beach, snorkel for awhile, then continue to Los Barrailles. We stopped first in El Cordonel for mid-morning snack. Dylan and Nick caught up to us.

We stopped at the snorkeling beach probably around 11:30. We all got in the water (except Nick who went on to town to get his bike fixed). There were lots of cool fish, including a blue damsel. Out a little deeper, the fish were bigger. The wind was still blowing pretty good, but we found a somewhat protected cove. The water was chilly at first, but then a pretty comfortable temperature.

After a bit of snorkeling, we sat on the beach in the sun to warm up and dry off. Then we got back on the bikes for the last 6 or so miles to Los Barrailles. Rolling into town, we could see the kite surfers. We turned town a road to the beach so we could see them better.
We rode along the beach to a restaurant/bar. There, we spent a fair amount of time consuming large amounts of food. Full on food, beer, and margaritas well, not me...except food), we headed back out to the road, and on into town.

Los Barrailles is pretty much gringolandia. I haven't heard hardly any Spanish. We are camped in an RV park somewhat similar to a KOA. It seems all the RV people are gringos. It feels like we're not in Baja anymore. It's okay, we'll be pulling out tomorrow.

Sorry for the somewhat short post, I am very tired after not much sleep last night.

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