Thursday, February 2, 2017

Jan 30--We'll, We've Been wanting Some Warm Weather!

Last night I was able to leave both my rainfly doors open, and still I was warm. We woke up to a nice sunrise (I think I've seen more sunrises on this trip than I have in my whole life--not usually such an early riser).

We were on the road at our usual before 8:00 time. Since we opted to camp before the next climb, that was first on the agenda. Fortunately, it wasn't too hard, but vest and arm warmers came off at the top (the earliest in the day that has happened).

                                                Looking down to Isidro--a disappointment.

We knew we had a fair amount of climbing to do today. Our first goal was to get to Isidro where we could get food and water. The road climbed up above the valley. It was a nice view. After what seemed like endless climbing, with little downhill, we came to the descent into Isidro. It was quite the steep, switchback descent. At the bottom, the route went left, and immediately climbed back up (hey, no fair!!!). We turned right to go into Isidro. We had high hopes for this small town--most all of which were dashed. We did find a small tienda, but it had very little. I got a bottle of red soda, and a liter of an orange drink (not carbonated). Brent got a two liter bottle of orange soda. When I asked for purified water (Agua purificada), the man said no. But then the woman conferred with him, and he asked how much we wanted. Not wanting to push our luck, we asked only for a bottle each. He took me back and filled the two bottles from a large water bottle (like the ones used in water dispensers).

We left town, and tackled the hill on the route. It was 18 miles to the next possible water source. There was just more climbing, hill after hill with only short downhills, and not much flat. We realized, at our current pace, we would not make it to San Jose de Comondo tonight. At 3:30, we had been riding (actual ride time) for 6 hours. We found a spot to camp similar to last night (a bulldozed flat part just off the road).
                                                      Here we find Flat Will stuck on a cactus.
                                                                  Dinner in my tent.
Just when we were wondering how the others were doing, Joe and Leah rode up. They had made it all the way to the truck stop, from taking the boat, in one day! They camped at the truck stop, and passed by us at about 4:00 or so. They were trying to make it to San Jose de Comondo. That will be a pretty big mileage day considering the climbing. They amaze me!

We think we have about 10 more miles to go to get water tomorrow. I'm sure we'll make it. It was the warmest day yet. I suspect we have now finally found the heat in Mexico!

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