Friday, February 17, 2017

Feb 14--Happy Valentine's Day From Mexico!

Valentine's Day in Mexico! I even got kissed by a total stranger! On our way out of Los Barriles (note correct spelling), we stopped at the supermercado. As I was walking in, a gentleman said good morning to me, and put out his hand for me to shake. I did, then he threw his arm around me, gave me a hug, and kissed me on the cheek. I thought, well...okaaaayyy...that was interesting!

Once we were resupplied for the next few days, we headed out of town. We saw two guys from Colorado who were just doing the Cape Loop. We rode with them through a tricky part of the route, then just followed their tracks as they were much faster.

We pulled into La Ribera, and waited for Tom and Sarah, and Nick and Dylan. When they rolled in, Nick wasn't with them. Dylan said he gave up on his bike, and went back to Los Barriles to take a bus to San Jose Del Cabo. I felt bad for him.

We moseyed out of town, heading for Cabo Pulmo, a National Park, and our next snorkel spot. The route went inland a bit, which meant it was really hot. It was also very sandy. When we came out to the pavement, Sarah and I looked at the route map, and decided we had come enough miles, so we could look for a beach to camp on. After about 5 km on the pavement, we saw a sign that said public beach access. Perfecto! We rode out to the beach and came to a most beautiful spot, complete with little shade palm "umbrellas". We each took separate ones and parked our bikes under them.
A palapa for each of us!

A swim was in order, and everyone got in the water. The only problem was that the surf was pretty strong, and there were lots of rocks. I only went as far as the edge of the sand. Getting out into the water wouldn't be so hard, but coming back in was tricky. Brent said he was kind of bounced on the rocks. That was not appealing to me. Later, I did walk down the beach to a spot where the sand goes all the way out, but the surf was still pretty strong.

We spent the afternoon sitting on the beach and watching rays jump out of the water, birds dive into the water, and saw a whale (at least that's what we think it was) slowly going up the Coast. It was heaven! This is the life!

I set up my tent in such a way as to make it capable of surviving a hurricane. I used my sand stakes (I have two), and I doubled up the stakes on the corners that don't have sand stakes. Then, I put big rocks on top of the stakes. Of course, that means there will not even be a puff of wind! Ah, reverse karma at play!

When it started getting dark, Dylan built a fire. He found the front grill of a fan, and made himself quesadillas over the fire. We sat and watched the fire and looked at the stars. The moon had not risen yet, so we could see the Milky Way and everything.
Dylan riding down the beach

It's hard to believe we have so little time left here in Mexico! We will enjoy these last few days as much as possible.

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