Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 11--Might Have Been a Good Idea to Leave in the Morning

Yes, we did finally leave La Paz, but not until 11:40. We were getting stuff...having one more batch of more horchata...shooting the breeze with friends...even getting a beard trim (Brent) know...the important stuff! But, leave we did. We took photos with Nic and Lael, and Heike. We said goodbye to both Harry and Heike. Harry will be doing a language course, and Heike was taking a ferry to the mainland. I will miss them both.

Once we were out of La Paz, the road climbed. It was a gradual climb, but it went on for several miles. Had it not been so muy caliente, it would not have seemed bad (I'm just sure of that). Brent and I were coming up what I hoped was the top (it wasn't), when we saw Joe coming from the other direction. Him and Leia were on there way back to La Paz after finishing the loop. Up ahead, I saw Leia shoot off the road. When we got up there, there was the best sight you can imagine--a cafe! Tom and Sarah were there with Leia, and Dylan was there too! It was great to see Joe and Leia again. They were trying to hurry to La Paz so they could get there before we left.

I sucked down a Coke in a hurry, along with a tamale. I felt instantly better. Nick came in a bit later. He had had to go back to get a new tire. Someone gave him a ride to the cafe. We sat around catching up with Joe and Leia, drinking, and waiting out some of the heat. It was a nice place. They even had a baby bunny (conejita). It was very cute.

                                                                  Flat Will enjoying a Tecate
Finally, we figured we should probably go. Hugs all around from Leia and Joe as we won't see them again. What fun to get to see them one more time!

We continued the climb on the hot pavement. At last, we turned onto the dirt. This part was really fun and swoopy. We came down to a wash where there was a nice grove of trees, and wonderful shade. We'd gone 21 miles (we have to average 21 miles per day to get to San Jose Del Cabo for our flight), and it was 4:15. We decided to call it a day.

There are a number of farm animals around, including a pig. She came over and checked us out. Tom gave her some bits of sweet potato which she very much enjoyed. There are cows, donkeys, and of course, roosters (always roosters).

Sarah built an awesome fire, and we ate our dinner while sitting around it. Tom actually heated up some tamales and tortillas on an old license plate he is carrying (don't ask).

It was a little sad to leave La Paz, and friends we've met on this trip, but it was also good to get back on the bikes--maybe just not start in the hottest part of the day!

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