Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 3--Returning to the Backcountry Via the City Dump

First, some photos from the ride into Cuidad.

We got a later start this morning. It was foggy again, so that was a good idea. We had a hearty breakfast of Pan Frances, Plato de Fruta con queso y granola, chocolate caliente, and jugo naranja. We went back to the hotel, and checked out, finally leaving my jacket with the young man at the desk. It's now warm enough that I don't need it.

We needed to get water, and wouldn't you know it, there's no purificada when you want one. We just bought bottled water at the big supermarket. We filled our dromedary bags to capacity. Sheesh, that makes for a heavy bike. But, only for one day. Tomorrow we'll be carrying less.

The route out of town was a long straight paved road. Even with the weight, we made pretty good time. We came to where the paved road curved left, but the Garmin was telling us to go straight...straight into the city dump! Okay, so the narrative had mentioned something about going through the steaming, burning city dump. At least it wasn't steaming or burning today. There were even a couple of cows walking around. Pretty much, it was disgusting. I did not take even the slightest whiff through my nose! I was more than happy to exit out the other side.

From the dump on, it was pretty okay riding. A fair amount of washboard had to be negotiated, but we managed. It was still quite flat. There were birds with white heads. Not as big as bald eagles, but still cool looking. 

At about 30 miles, we came to Misíon San Gonzaga. I saw a tienda, and I asked if it was open. It was...well, it was when the guy came over and opened it. He had the almighty cold Coke, and also some pear nectar. We bought both. I drank the pear nectar, and some of the Coke. The rest I saved for later.

We went over to the Misíon. There was a group gathered. A woman came out and rang the bell several times, then they all went in, presumably for a service. We could hear them singing shortly thereafter. Seemed like the whole town was in the church. We continued on our way.

There were several rancheros today. A couple of times, thinking we were following the purple line, we would end up at someone's casa. Then we would go back and try the other road. There are an amazing amount of roads in this section.

We hit 40 miles, then we were getting close to 50 miles. It was getting to be about 4:00, so we started looking for camping. We ended up riding another few miles before we finally found a suitable spot. It's perfect, really. Just enough off the road that the occasional vehicle doesn't see us. As an added bonus, there are not too many cow pies!

It feels good to be back out in the country camping. The city is great to sleep in a bed, get hot food, and resupply, but once that is accomplished, I prefer to be out of the city.

Our goal tomorrow is to make it to the Sea of Cortez. There will be some climbing involved.

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