Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feb 9--Candy Gram!

No...Whale Shark! This morning we hopped on the boat to go swim with the whale sharks not really having a clue how it was going to be. We had seen several people with shorty wet suits, but we didn't really think, for 500 pesos, we would be using wet suits. We brought our own masks and snorkels, although those would have been provided, in addition to fins.

We got on the boat, and headed over to a point across the bay. When we arrived, there were a number of other boats. Alex, our pilot, said he was looking for a dark shadow or a tail fin. There were other people in the water. He said when we got where there was a whale shark, he would tell us to get in the water. We were not to touch the shark (wasn't planning on it). We had our fins and masks on, ready to go. He gave us the go (vamos!!!), and we, like crazy people, jumped in the water. The whale shark was right below us! In all the excitement, I was breathing like mad. My fins were coming off. By the time I got them tightened, the shark was gone. I got back in the boat. Everyone else got back in too. We trolled around looking for another one.

The second time, we were more prepared. We got in and swam right alongside the shark. Then it was gone, and back in the boat we climbed. We also saw a bunch of dolphins! One swam right by Brent.

The third time was the charm. I was able to get video, and several photos. The last time was the most amazing. The whale shark was huge, longer than the boat, and moving slowly. I swam along with it for awhile, but Sarah kept going. Because she could use her arms too, she could keep up. It was like she had a new buddy! They were both just cruising along together--girl and whale shark!

After that one, Alex said one more? We said we were good. One can only take so much excitement! We returned to the dock. It was worth every bit of the 500 pesos!

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