Friday, February 3, 2017

Feb 2--They Don't Get Any Fresher!

Last night was quite interesting. The soccer game went on for awhile, but I managed to fall asleep anyway, because later, around 11:00, I woke up and all was quiet. The lights were also off on the court. I finally had to pee (had not gone since lunch), so I got up and found some discreet place. I went back to sleep. Next thing I was awakened by very loud dog barking. It was a big dog, and I think it was barking at us. For a moment, I thought it was going to come up into the gazebo. Of course, his barking set all the other dogs to barking too. It seemed like every time either Brent or I turned over on our sleeping pads, it would set off another chorus of loud barking. At one point, I had to pee again. The dogs were still out there. I snuck out of my tent as quietly as possible. I went down the stairs to where I had gone before. Sure enough, there's a big dog looking right at me! Fortunately, it wasn't the one who had initiated the ferocious barking fest. This one was friendly, as he was wagging his tail. I hurried up before he could come over and bring his friends.

We woke up in the morning to heavy fog. Even though we were in the gazebo, our tents were wet. There were already people moving about, so we packed up as quickly as we could, and hit the road. It was not quite 7:30. We had a short stint on Mex 1, which probably wasn't the safest in the fog, but there wasn't much traffic. Before long, we turned onto another paved road that was very quiet. After another 5 miles or so, we were back on dirt--sandy dirt.

The narrative said today would be a pleasant ride through orange orchards. We did finally get to some orange orchards. Of course, they were behind palm hedges with occasional gates. As we were rolling along, we saw a really pretty plant next to a gate. We stopped to take some photos.

I snuck through the hedge and picked two oranges. I gave one to Brent, and got out my knife to cut mine open. It was sooooo juicy and delicious! I think they were juice oranges as the pulp was kind of tough. I sucked every bit of juice out of that orange!

Today's ride was only 25 miles of flatness. Before noon, we were in Cuidad Constitucion. This is the biggest city we've been in. We rode around kind of aimlessly, then decided to see where the route actually went. We came back out to Mex 1 where we found the Hotel Conchita. The rates were reasonable (460 pesos), so we checked in. Our room is on the second floor. A nice young man carried MC up the stairs. I tipped him 20 pesos.

 Well, as is a somewhat interesting thing in Mexico, the hotel is under construction. It's like they are adding a floor, so the stairs to the next floor go to nothing yet. When I went to take a shower, there was no water. I went back downstairs. The guy said the water would be back on in 5 minutos. That means, like 20 or so. Finally, the water was back on, but there was no hot water. I went back down. As I was getting ready to go back up ("there will be hot water in 20 minutos"--or maybe an hour), Joe and Leia came down the stairs with their bikes! They had arrived the day before, and were heading out.

We really needed to wash our clothes. I asked the lady at the desk if there was laundry service. She said no, but we could bring our laundry to her, and it would be taken to a gal who would do it for us. Yay! Clean clothes!

We went next door and had tortas for lunch. We came back and I uploaded photos, and published some posts. I also found out my next grandchild is going to be a girl! How exciting is that!!!

Later, we walked the eight blocks to a larger grocery store. We bought a bunch of food for the next four days. We've managed to fit it all in. We'll get water tomorrow.

We had dinner at Walos Tacos down the road. It was good. We came back and had some ice cream at another place. It's weird being in such a big city. I won't be too disappointed to leave tomorrow.

For some reason, I'm not able to get the photos to come up so I can add them to this post. I'll try to add photos later when we get to La Paz.

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