Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Feb 8--A Day Off, and a New Do

Ahhhh....La Paz...a day of wondering around, seeing the city (at least the Centro section anyway), and eating ice cream...three times!

The four of us semi did our own thing this morning. After breakfast with Tom and Sarah, I wandered down to the Malecon to take some photos, and had my first ice cream of the day (pina colada). Then I went up to the open air mercado to check that out (you can find just about anything there, including a big pig laying on the counter--dead of course). I stopped in at the Visitors' Center and picked up a La Paz map. I also wanted to go to Subway so I could check off a Mexico Subway (there are three in town).

At Big Sue Coffee

On the Malecon
Malecon beach
The Big Pearl

At the Visitors' Center

The Mercado

Brent and I rode to the nearest Subway for lunch. It was pretty much the same as any other Subway. I even had to pay extra for avocado, even though avos are everywhere in Mexico (and super cheap). Not too long after lunch, Brent and I went back to the Malecon for more ice cream.

Sarah took a break from her writing so we could go down and see about arranging a trip to swim with whale sharks tomorrow. We were told to look for Hector across from the Burger King on the Malecon. We didn't see anyone, but went to the pier and asked if the guys knew Hector. Hector had, apparently, gone home. We saw a guy in a boat. We asked if he was Hector. No, he said, Hector had gone home. Then, the guy hollered to another guy. We told that guy we wanted to swim with the whale sharks. He took us to Nicholas. For 500 pesos each (most of the tours are 800-1000 pesos) we could go. So, tomorrow, at 9:00 we're going swimming with whale sharks!

On our way back to the hostel, Sarah and I stopped and got haircuts. Sarah's was just shaving the part that was already shaved. I decided I liked that idea of less hair. We had the gal shave my hair like Sarah's. Now we have matching hairdos. The gal did a great job, and charged all of 50 pesos (about $2.50). I gave her 100 pesos as mine was much more time consuming than Sarah's. I came back and washed my hair. It is great! So much cooler.

As we were sitting around before going to dinner, Nick and Lael came in! We haven't seen them since Bahia de Los Angeles. They showered, and we all went to dinner. It was a similar walk as last night, only in a different direction. We stopped along the way and had these warm fat pancake things with either Nutella, cajeta, or leche (sweetened condensed milk). I had cajeta (sort of like a milk caramel). Yummy!

We finally ended up at a Super Burro. Then, afterward, ice cream...of course!

So, another great day in Mexico! Tomorrow...WHALE SHARKS!!!

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