Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Feb 5--A Most Prudent Decision

I woke up this morning and told Brent I thought the smartest thing to do would be to go back to San Everisto. It would be about 10 miles of backtracking, but at least we knew we could get water for sure. What lie ahead was not so sure. So, we did. Our plan was to get water, then head back out. We even joked that we would probably stop for lunch where we camped.

Well, we arrived at San Everisto, saw the beautiful bay, found Lupe and his restaurant, and decided to stay for the day. I mean, who wouldn't! Sailboats in the bay, fisherman heading out, the sun shining, and a plate of quesadillas de Cameron just waiting to be consumed. Lupe is amazing! As soon as we came in, he gave us bottles of water. Then he gave us tangerines. We ordered breakfast. The motorcycle guys that had passed us before we're finishing up their morning beers and breakfast, getting ready to head out. In less than 24 hours, the nine of them had consumed 56 beers! It was good business for Lupe!

Lupe said we could camp wherever (es no problemo!). We saw some beach loungers undercover, and decided to sleep on them.

We walked in the water. I walked down the beach in the water, looking at the little fishes and crabs scuttling. A boy threw his net out into the water, and scooped up a bunch of the little silver fish. He put them in a bucket, and hauled them away. I walked the other way down the beach where some fisherman were dealing with their catch. There were tons of gulls eating on the heads of sharks, rays, and even a hammerhead. Of course, the ever present vultures were getting their share too.

Michele, one of the boaters came in and we sat and talked with him for a good chunk of the day. He is quite the character, a Canadian who stays on his boat in Mexico for 6 months, then returns to Canada and his motorhome. Another couple of sailboaters came in for lunch. Nan and Dewey are from Camano Island!

Later in the afternoon who should we see riding down the beach? Tom and Sarah (the family is back together again!!!)! We were so glad to see them (we'd been hoping they would come in here)! We all had dinner together (along with a French couple circumnavigating the earth in their sailboat).

We'll have breakfast at Lupe's in the morning, then be on our way. Today was a fabulous day. Brent said this is the first place that he thinks will be hard to leave. I agree!

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