Monday, February 13, 2017

Feb 12--The Baja Divide Keeps Dishing it Out!

Although our plan is to ride the East Cape road to San Jose Del Cabo, we are still on the Baja Divide route.

We awoke this morning to a pig parade in our campsite. I counted about 5 big sows. Petunia hung around for awhile. She ate the avocado skins from last night. Her sisters moved on to better food options.

The elevation we lost yesterday, seemed to be regained today. There was some downhill, but more uphill, I think. We rolled into Los Divisidero and got snacks at the tienda. Leia was correct in that they had all kinds of drinks except water. I grabbed four Jumex juice boxes, some drinkable yogurt, and a Coke.

The downhill from the top of the climb before the pavement was frequently quite sandy. For some reason today, I did not feel comfortable on the sand. I chickened out several times and put my foot down. I think it was maybe because it was downhill sand? But, really, that should have made it easier. I certainly didn't need to pedal! I don't know, but I was happy to reach the pavement.

We popped out at the turn to La Ventana. We had originally planned to go there, but upon hearing it was very windy, we decided against it. We saw Dylan (not sure where Nick was at that moment). It was just a few more miles to a town that had restaurants and a tienda.

I had two carne empanadas, and two Cokes (yes, this was a three-Coke day). The empanadas were tasty. Nick and Dylan both joined us for lunch. Tom ate a massive amount of food. The lady tried to tell him it was a lot. He ate it all!

The tienda was pretty good. We stocked up on water and a few food items. Once again, it seemed we were rolling heavy with a big climb ahead of us.

The climb was quite massive. I walked a good portion. The parts I walked were pretty rocky, or I was just tired. We had some descents too. Some of those were pretty scary. My supply of courage was quickly waning. I walked some short bits that I just didn't have the courage to ride. I could see myself crashing (never a good thing).

We came back to the Coast. Now we were looking for a beach we could get to to go snorkeling and camp. There was one on the map that had the snorkel mask icon. We headed there. As soon as we got to the beach we changed into snorkeling attire, and got in the water. It was a bit chilly, but since we were so hot from the ride, it felt good.

The fish were pretty cool. I didn't take any photos because the water was pretty deep. It was fun just swimming around and watching them. We were careful to stay away from the rocks.

We set up our tents, and Tom and Sarah started a fire. Tom had bought a bag of marshmallows, and we roasted them over the fire. Best roasted marshmallows EVER!!!

We've seen a number of critters on this beach. Lots of hermit crabs, a mouse, and a huge grasshopper (it hopped in the fire, and Tom ate it). There was a hawk that caught a fish. It sat on top of a cactus while the fish was still flapping its fins. It had a black or blue body with a yellow tail. Maybe some kind of angel fish?

Although we had to work to get here today (39 miles), the snorkeling made it worth it. Another great day on the Baja Divide!

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