Wednesday, August 29, 2012

$32 and the Showers Aren't Even Free!

Just a quick post here. I made to San Juan Island. I met a really nice gal on the ferry named Cassie. We chatted the whole time and before I knew it, they were announcing Friday Harbor.

Customs was quick. The guy didn't even ask me if I had any food (I ate those two avocados and two tomatoes last night for nothing)!

As the sun was setting, I made my way to the nearest campground which is Lakeside Resort. It was 4.8 miles from the ferry. By the time I got here, it was nearly dark. I should have guessed it would be pretty expensive when the guy in the lobby of the lodge asks me to have a seat at his desk. He asked if I wanted one of the Hiker/Biker sites. Of course I said yes (hello...on a bike here!). Then he said it would be $32 ($35+ with tax)! $32 for a Hiker/Biker site??? I shudder to think what the other sites cost! I asked him about showers. He said they are token operated and one token for 5 minutes is $2. Seriously??? $32 and the showers aren't even free? Unbelievable!!! So, what do I get for my money? Well, I get a site that is so far from the showers and one and only restroom building with running water and flush toilets that I have to ride my bike there (there are some lovely sani-cans aways down the road)! I get a site that barely has room for my small tent, and the space there is, is not very flat. I can't find anywhere on the map that indicates there is a water faucet other than the restroom building...that I have to ride to! So, basically, for $32 I don't get squat! Unfortunately, I didn't have much choice as it would have been too dark to make it to the County Park. But, you can bet I will go there tomorrow night! I believe it costs $10. There are no showers, but that's okay because I took my $2 five-minute shower tonight!

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