Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready Enough

It's 10:45pm. I'll be heading out tomorrow morning for Vashon Island. It will be the first day and first boat ride of the "Bike and Boats Tour". It will likely be a rather boring day. I mean, really, I have already done this part of the ride twice this summer. I should get a frequent flyer deal at the Vashon Island Hostel! I just might be disappointed if they don't recognize me. What am I saying? The people who run the place are looney-tunes! I don't even know how much it's going to cost--I've been charged a different price each time I've been there! I'm sure they will have no recollection of me ever being there before.

My stuff is mostly ready to go. It's not loaded on the bike, but since I'm not in an all-fired-up hurry to get to Vashon, I'll load Betsy tomorrow. I'm aiming for the 11:45 ferry only because I want to eat lunch at the Subway on Vashon (I know, it's hard to believe in all the times I've been on Vashon this summer, I have NOT eaten at the one and only Subway).

So, am I ready for another 21 days on the road? I say, "Ready Enough".

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Wil Thames said...

Ought to be a fun ride for you, sometimes the best rides are the one you really don't plan out so much.