Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Walk in the Woods to the Bavarian Beer Garden

I've enjoyed my day off in Port Alberni. This morning Chris, Nathan, and I went for a walk on one of the trails here. This particular trail was along Rogers Creek. We walked above the creek then down to the creek. Since the day was overcast, it was a nice walk through the woods. At one point along the creek, we came to an arch that had Bavarian Beer Garden carved in the top of it. The Beer Garden had a nice picnic table, but I saw no evidence of beer.

After the walk we returned to the house where Chris made a delicious lunch. Afterward, I walked down to Safeway to pick up a couple of bananas, avocados, and tomatoes.

Later I'm going to teach Chris how to change a flat.

Tomorrow is another early morning to catch boat ride #6--the MV Frances Barkley. Should be fun.

Here's some photos from the walk and a couple of Vince, Bojingles, and Tiki.

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Anonymous said...

How are the crocs working? I'm off for a solo tour of the San Juans at the end of the week.