Monday, August 6, 2012

What's Missing?

Notice in the photo below there are no panniers sitting packed and ready to go. No tent or bag with sleeping bag and sleeping pad all lined up just itching to get on the road. Have I cancelled my upcoming "Bike and Boats" tour? Not going to ride the Sunshine Coast or go up and down the hills of Vancouver Island, the Canadian Gulf Islands, and US San Juan Islands? Of course I am! Then how come I'm not packed? Aren't I always packed waaay early? Usually...yes.

I know I'm leaving in one week, but I don't feel the pressure to have everything packed just yet. I haven't even pulled my stuff out of its storage place (the chest at the foot of my bed). My panniers are still in the bin in the garage. I haven't even taken a look at Betsy (except in passing, on my way to taking Stella out for my "Thanks For Wearing a Helmet" campaign).

Maybe it's because I've been busy doing other things (the aforementioned TFWAH campaign--but that doesn't take THAT much time). Maybe I'm just not excited to be traveling solo again (are you kidding??? I LOVE solo bike touring!). OR...maybe it's the fact that I've already done two fairly major tours this year and I've finally realized it's not necessary to pack everything up so early. Maybe I know now it doesn't take me that long to pull it all together (I'd say it's about time I learned that!).

Anyway, I'll be pulling out the gear sometime this week. I'll have it all ready to go for next week's Tuesday departure. I have set up a CouchSurf place in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and making new friends. I think I'll try to CouchSurf or find a Warmshowers host in Anacortes too.

It's going to be a great tour...uh I'm getting the urge to go pull out all my stuff and start packing!

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